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Fashion Photography

  • Private workshop one on one with me Shaan (Two or Three days specific).
  • Learn at your own pace. I will tailor your workshop to your needs.
  • Especially for passionate photographers who geared with some experience or even no experience.
  • To direct a model, direct your beauty team, assistants and take control of YOUR shoot.
  • A make up artist and model in day one . Day two will include a model.
  • to learn lighting techniques and  application to fashion advertising, beauty photography and fashion editorial photography.
  • Studio lighting and outdoor location lighting (one day each). Or if you prefer you can choose any combination you prefer.
  • Experience of actual shooting with model and you may take home images on a DVD !
  • Solutions to anything you would wish to improve with an honest critique of your shoot.
  • usage for your images, writing up contracts and more through models from agencies, marketing and business tips with unique learning.
  • FOR further queries please contact me direct.


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