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Spring Summer 2014

     When there is no fashion week in Delhi, some designers planed to celebrate one night like a fashion week finale’s night and invited FDCI president Sunil Sethi, and the story doesn’t stops here – The event was hosted by Stylist Aamir Zakir and restaurateur Rahul bhasin. Famous Designer's like Rajdeep Ranawat, Manish Gupta, Niket & Jaine, Varija Bajaj, Niharika Pandey showed their designs, All things happened at Barka Med Lougne.  
The launch was attended by eminent personalities like Neelam Pratap Rudy, Sunil Sethi, Aamir Zakir, Avinash & Kiran, Swati Modo, Bharat Reshma, Silvie, Nikita Khattar, Shankar Sahani, & NiketJaine, Salolli kumar.

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