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Designer Shantanu and Nikhil Collection

Culling the essence and emotions of Indian culture and marrying it with a modern western sensibility, Shantanu & Nikhil have a deeper, less obvious take on the new exotic fusion. Their women wear oozes eternal femininity draped in lush classicism. Narrating the story of a woman who defines the new fragrance of change in her life as a modern bride, she is uninhibited, extremely feminine, and a tale of sorts for many a bride who wish for their perfect dream to come alive.
This cocktail saga then unfolds to reveal the chivalrous gentlemen, exuberating the modernistic fragrance of vintage royalty. The men’s collection tries to capture the imagination of today’s man who exhibits effortless style, composure & confidence to celebrate his new found persona of being a global Indian.
 Encapsulating an array of sumptuously contrasted tones of Royal blue, Stubborn red, Dusty Orange with subtle exaggerations of cocoa, whites, salmon and aqua, the collection is one that suits all palettes.