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Designer Raghavendra Rathore Collection
The Raghavendra Rathore brand expands its horizon by presenting Blue Mantra. The Blue Mantra label gives way to the old world inspired embroidered and printed yardages which evoke a similar sense of  enigma while being inspired by the diversities of Rajasthan.  Every creation in the collection beholds an unmatched charm of the bygone era. Complementing the auspicious occasion, the outfits are embedded with a pristine and translucent quality that become inherent to both the bride and the groom. Grandeur has been presented in a subtle manner which brings about the modern edge to the outfits and reciprocates the charm of the old world. Having a direct connotation to the unfolded scriptures of the past, this collection evokes a similar feeling of an untouchable treasure which connects one after the other.