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Model’s Night by Puja Bansal
In a bold stride to bring high end fashion to Delhi, PCJ presents Signature La Finesse 2011 celebrates a huge and delightful Success Party of designer Mrs. Puja Bansal. Designed as global fashion carousal, Signature La Finesse Premier Fashion show was a great accomplishment that revved up the fashion season with an eclectic display of Mrs. Puja Bansal’s Jewelry Collection. Puja Bansal, the brand owner of KJL created a bold and beautiful experience for the Delhi glitterati on the Signature La Finesse Nites at Urban Pind. She mesmerized the audience with her astonishing ornamental designs.
 Sanjay Nigam, Founder, Signature La Finesse 2011 said, “La Finesse 2011 is heartedly welcomed to India by everyone. With a huge success of PCJ presents Signature La Finesse’11 ~ Premier Fashion Show,Signature La Finesse Nites gives an extreme exposure to the party frenzy people. Signature La Finesse Nites in Delhi will live up to the promise of an unforgettable bold and beautiful evening for the who’s who of this city.”