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The Man in the Maze centers around four college students on a field trip to learn more about the American Indian Trail of Tears. While traipsing through the woods, however, they stumble upon an Indian burial mound that marks the burial site of a Native American family that died on the trail. The mound was cursed by a distraught family member, and whoever disturbs it unleashes trouble and winds up lost in a maze, terrorized by an unknown force.


Director - Mitesh Kumar Patel


Did you already planned to cast Miss Australia in your film?

I didn’t planned that but when I was writing the story and I need something like that then I think about her – talked her, for the couple of time and I found that she is perfect for this character.

What is your plan for Next Movie ?

I have three production going on the floor, two in Hollywood one in Bollywood, the Bollywood one is in very initial stage now – 3D animation which is 35% done now – next year it will be on the floor and third one deals with super hero movie i.e. cosmic man which will also come next year.



Producer - Amber Sharma

What’s the budget of this film?
Budget of this movie is near about any normal Hindi movie between 10-15 Crore.

How much profit you are expecting from this movie?
The movie is not for the profit, this is a mere for the art and this is the story which we have taken from the Alamba, a real kind of story. We will make profit after its release in Hollywood but we want to release it first for the Indian people then we will release it to Hollywood and hopefully we will make profit out of it.

Why didn’t you opt to make a Hindi movie?

It’s hard to make a Hindi movie than Hollywood movie because there are date problems always and if we want to make a Hindi movie in 12 crore budgets then it’s going to be double of it. If the shoot is going to start at 8 O’clock in the morning instead it starts at 8 O’clock in the evening. In Hollywood, when you say 8 O’clock in the morning it means 8 O’clock therefore it’s better for us to start in Hollywood. Our next venture is the continue title of the bollywood film Aaryamaan, which is a super hero film. it’s preproduction is on the table, hopefully by January 2012, its going to be on the floor in India.

Why did you select Miss Australia for this movie?

Mitesh was looking after it, who is to for this role, not me – Our was the Mowgli production part , not for the direction or casting, so Mitesh come up with  an idea that was very unique like story and the cast, and he wanted to cast Miss Australia for our film. I was very excited, she did some small T.V. shows earlier too, so she got selected, and did excellent work in film.


Actress - Liana Werner Gray


Which one is toughest – Acting or becoming Miss Australia?
Becoming Miss Australia is toughest because for that we have to expose, walking on ramp and many things, so it’s more difficult.

With whom would you like to act in Bollywood film?
I would like to do it with the singer of “paisa paisa” ! ( her indication was Akshay Kumar).

Which another work you like most except Acting ?
Umm hover, I have a company for the earthsite and its about event,  natural food for the earth survivor . I teach some officers in New York.

How this movie falls in your kitty?
Actually I did some research on the native of Indians, and then I got to know about the movie, the man in the maze about the Indian and been taken away by these people.

Massage for girls who want to be an Actress!
I would say to them, their willing should be true and they love themselves.

Are you dating with someone?
Actually I am married and his name is Andrew Roth. He is an American Actor.

Amber Sharma, Liana and Mitesh Patel

Mitesh and Amber


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