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Interview of star cast of film "Tell me O khuda"

Esha deol...After a long time in Delhi to promote the movie. Family oriented film, all of you go together specially girls. It emotional but brings smile on your lips and tears in your eyes.
Dhamendra . In our time, during Diwali festival, 5 films release at a time and all became hit, I pray for this movie same. I love all industry and they reflect the same. When I was a student, my family had a budget and gave me money and that we spend on watching movies. .I think the same excitement also prevails today.. I pray for these two films and all films do well.
(Hema malini).. we can’t compare our film with them because our is budget film. We are full of confidence in this movie. I am sure that we came here to promote our film. Our country is so vast and releasing one movie at time is not fair enough, so “Tell me O khuda” is also on fun on 27th October .
Dharmendra: the energy my son “Shahrukh” is putting in his film, we want same from you. In that way you can help us.
Q. Its time of action and comedy films and you have chosen unique topic...are you not taking a risk at this point.
(Hema malini) if the story line is good and people like it then, its a emotional and beautiful a days movies are based on comedy and I am amaze how they are running ... I have no idea about it..but I am full of confident about our film and definitely it will be a success.

Q You have some surprise packages in you movie, can you brief about the Asia, kick boxing, camel ride, camel race.
A. The main character of the movie, who don’t know about the Rajasthan and camel and how they participated in it and won. Lot of things and fighting took place, all kinds of a interesting things. And movie is full of good songs. Movie deals with comedy too, though the movie is emotional but fun for the youngster too .

Q. Dharma jee has a different look in this movie like don.?
A. its because of the Esha who put her ideas
Q Esha has done some action sequence, from where she got inspiration?
A, Hema turned this question to Esha . It was a story demand and need of camel race. I enjoyed lot of action. And it is safe if done through cable work. We did it with full trust. Its is no need to take the risk.
Q You have done movie with your sons “Yamla Pagla Deewna “ how you will rate this movie.
A. Dharmendra: all my kids are lovable to me but daughters have special place.
Actor Arjan Bajwa - i enjoyed a lot .. so many people are there, visual treat is there for the people. 5 cities of turkey, goa (north to south), rajasthan (3 sities), some locations at Bombay and Bangkok. Its was quite a good travel experience. It got lucky to have such break in initial stage.
Q. What you are doing to promote your film.
The spicy chat (spicy fruit chat) of our movie, we already tested it to our fan. We are trying our level best to promote this movie. ..and rest is “tell me O khuda”.
In our time the promotion of the movie was on the cart/cycle rickshaw and one man shout loudly to promote the movie of Dilip saab and Madhubala. So we are here with our actors and “doogdugi” to promote it. Now a day’s actor himself come out promote their movie with doogdugi or munadi (announcement).
In this movie parents give a clue to the girl to find their biological parents. So she starts searching them with her friend and boyfriend. To find her real identity, that passes through Turkey, Goa, Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, it’s a old custom to kill baby girl, you  might have noticed Gulabo in Big Boss, so we have a same thread in our movie too, where Vinod Khanna played a role of a Thakur... then story goes on, Rishi, Farooq Shaikh, Chandan, Dipti Naval is there. My role is a Don character. I have two character in this movie, in beginning I was big philanderer in young age and had broken heart.

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