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Sahi Dhandhe – Galat Bande Music Launch

3 August, 2011: All crew and cast of “Sahi Dhandhe-Galat Bande” movie came for music launch at CAPITOL- Ashok Hotel, New Delhi. All actors and singers were interviewed pleasantly and also performed dance on the song ‘Naino Wali Whisky’. Model Amanpreet Wahi anchored the occasion very well. 
When we asked about the script and promotion strategy to Actor and Director, Praveen Dabas, he replied that
“I am writing since long back but I didn’t reveal because I wanted to come up with a movie. I have already 4-5 script in my hand and looking for the production part.
First I will see how the movie will performed. My next project will start when I will return from holidays.
Preeti Jhingiyani was asked to share her experiences while making this movie, She replied -
“This is my first debut film as a producer, I am expecting a lot with this film and I worked too hard for it, I have taken care of all crew members during shooting. All actors did rigorous rehearsal before casting.
Acting is natural for me compare as producer, Praveen is my husband and director’s too of this movie  which gives me a good opening to present as a producer.”

‘Naino wali whisky’ song was picturised on Deana Uppal. She was asked to disclose her past life and future in bollywood – She replied
“I am Punjabi – born in England; It’s my first item song. I have been modeling since the age of 15 and have black belt in Karate too. I came Mumbai six months back and trained myself through Bollywood dance classes. In future It’s my dream to become an actress and for that I am learning Hindi, and I like India better than England.”


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