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Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

“Is your body in shape and your bikini is ready” said Actor Imran Khan when a female journalist asked him that when he is planning for the next Pool Party.
On his visit to promote the 'Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu', he said that he wn’t be able to spend Valentine's Day with wife Avantika due to the shooting of Vishal Bhardwaj's 'Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola' from February 14.
"I won't be celebrating Valentine's Day with Avantika this year because I will be busy shooting for Vishal's film 'Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola',"
Imran  also puts reports to rest that the movie is a love story, insisting it is more like a coming of age film.
Writer Director Shakun Batra, who joined Bebo and Imran, said he wrote the script keeping kareen in mind for this film . “When I was writing the script of this movie, I always had kareena in my mind. I am a huge fan of her and I was fortunate that I got her for my movie”.
When asked about her recent Ferrari-ride with co-star Imran Khan in his new car, Bebo said, “Its quite a hot car. Generally, I am quite petrified of sports car and fast driving, but I am sure Avantika will enjoy the ride.”
"The film is not so much of a love story as people have thought it to be.. It is more like a coming of age film. When you are doing a melodramatic scene in the film you can hide behind props but during a conversational scene you have to be interesting and  entertaining... So shooting this film was difficult in that sense," Imran said.
The actor, who recently had a photo exhibition of Kareena's pictures, clicked by him, is adamant about having any 'flashy promotion' for his film.
"We didn't want to do any flashy promotions for the film... Promoting a film makes sense only if you are connecting with the audience and are able to generate interest in them. Audience today is very smart if you just concentrate
on promoting the film they loose interest in the story line," Imran added.

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