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Being an Aquarian the creative spark comes naturally to her. Bipasha has had the privilege to travel the globe which brought into her work both discipline and depth.  Thus started her passionate journey of self discovery with life and its varied forms.

Born in Ambala in 1968, Bipasha was inclined in fine arts right from childhood.  Being an Army Officer’s daughter, she has travelled the length and breadth of the country.  From an early age she developed a liking for local art forms and traditional Kathak dance.  Her stage performances began at the age of six and paintings since she was eight years old which won her many accolades and as an artist her work has been selected for UNESCO in the children’s category. While in school she started charcoal sketching and water colors.
After having completed her Graduation from The Maharaja Sayaji Rao University, Vadodara in Statistics Honors and a Bachelors Degree in Education, Bipasha has been teaching for more than eighteen years.  Married to an Army officer, she again travelled far and wide, keeping her passion of painting alive and participating in many art shows which won her many awards in the Army too.  She also participated in flower shows, winning the first prize in Roorkey flower show in five categories.
She paints for a social cause specially environment related issues for she believes in “The more you give the more you receive in return - Love, blessings, joy….”.  She wants the world to know through her work that it has become inevitable now that we pull up our socks and make some serious efforts to save this beautiful world we live in.
Highly influenced by the effects of Global Warming and the rapid disappearance of the Coral Reefs during her visit to the Southern Seas & the Andaman Islands, she realized how important it was for humankind to preserve the nature.  “Coral reefs are probably the most complex ecosystems on the planet.   The damage being caused to reefs and the open ocean is one of the most serious effects of global warming. The jewels under the ocean are fast disappearing and the treasure chest might be very soon empty”, says Bipasha.
She strongly feels that it’s an effort to create awareness amongst us that Global warming is a far greater threat to our existence than we can even imagine.   “Just an effort through my art that more and more people should come forward and join hands.  It’s the same line said again and again but we are making no efforts.  Is this why we continue to live life oblivious to what is going to happen in the future?   We have to just study its impact on marine life to get a clear picture of which direction the future of human beings is headed. We have no choice but to make changes in how we conduct our lives if we wish to ever leave anyplace for our future generations to live” says Bipasha, a resident of Greater Kailash part “The lovely hues awakened my creativity and I made a firm resolve to capture the beauty of the corals on my canvas.”

She has been experimenting with various types of medium in her art, namely charcoal, water colors, acrylic and also using different techniques to form textures.

“My present line of paintings depicts the serious impact of global warming and the gradual disappearance of coral reefs. This will have a devastating effect on marine life, and subsequently on human life as well”, says Bipasha.  She calls this series of paintings, “HOW BLUE IS MY OCEAN ?”.

Question :  According to you, who is more patriotic?  – M.F. Hussain or Sayed Raza ( who recently came to India after a gap of 6 decades from France).
Answer : “Both Hussain and Raza are first Indians and patriots in their own right. We are no one to question their integrity. Both love art and both are creative people and there is no boundaries for creativity thought and dreams.”

Question :  Do you find a substitute of Amrita Shergill, who died in such an early age, till today – if yes, then who is that person & why ?
Answer :  “Amrita Shergill was a genius in her own right and art being personal and through the heart there is definitely no replacements. We do miss the genius in her and the world would have loved to see more of her work.”

Question :  One personal question, who is your/are contemporary, whom you think are competitive.
Answer : “Every artist has his or her own style of work. I think I would not want to be compared to anyone but have my own signature style. I do salute the art fraternity though”.

“There is no marine life in my paintings - Do the seas see the same picture? Or it’s smoke on water”, says Bipasha.  Her present line of paintings will be showcased in India Habitat Centre from 4th to 6th Feb 2011.
Bipasha is also a Muralist and has undertaken various projects in NCR.  Her web site is


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